A la Carte Services:

Clearing out:

Sometimes we just have too much stuff and our house feels cluttered, or we feel disorganized when we can’t locate something we know we have. I can help you to decide what is essential, and discover ways to add organization into your life and find a place for the things you need and love.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

What to do with all the stuff you clear out? There are many places to sell, recycle, repurpose, donate, or otherwise dispose of the stuff you no longer want or need. Let me help you to find new a purpose or a new home for your unwanted things.

Art and picture framing:

Do you have some artwork, photos, or diplomas sitting around that you’ve been meaning to get framed? I will take your piece and frame it to enhance both the art and the place in your home where it will hang. I can even help you hang your art or photos once they’re framed.

Putting it all together:

Oftentimes the furniture, lamps, and home décor items you purchase for yourself will arrive RTA, or ready to assemble. Don’t want to face a bunch of parts and pieces? We can help. Our furniture expert, Loren Clear, will unpack, touch-up, and put it all together for you.*

Please call for an estimate.

*Minimum 1 hour service



Professional Interior Design Services