New Construction and Remodels

In reality, it’s challenging for most people to visualize what a space will look like when it moves from conception to completion. Many build or remodel then find, in the end, they have created a space which is difficult to furnish or drastically under lit. I can help to take you through the process of designing and building, to assure that you get the home you desire and the look you imagine.

Working together in the planning phase can help you to avoid costly mistakes. Last minute changes can be stressful, expensive and cause delays. Every choice you make needs to be consistent with your goals for the project. Let me show you how the placement of doors, windows, fireplaces and lighting can be critical choices for how you will be able to use your space once itís completed. Color and material choices will ensure you have a place that reflects what makes you happy and content. I can assist you with the decisions from layout and materials to finish details. Sharing your vision for the home you would like to create will assure that the decisions that are being made all serve to that end.

Letís get together in the planning stages so you can get the best results with the least amount of stress. During the construction phase, my out of town clients find it helpful, if not essential, to have a local presence to help see the project through to its optimal completion. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

Since 2011 I have been working with Suncrest Homes of Talent, Oregon, custom homebuilders specializing in Earth Advantage homes. As their resident interior designer my focus is to guide clients through the challenging decision making process of building a custom home. From conception through completion I work with clients to select and coordinate materials to create the look and feel they desire while getting the most from their budget.

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